Henriette Marie Amsinck & Margarethe Louise Amsinck, 1847-48

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Daguerreotype of Henriette Marie Amsinck (1826 – 1909) & Margarethe Louise Amsinck (1832 – 1872) by Boppo, ca. 1847-48

The sister on the left is a very mesmerizing beauty. You can clearly see how their skirts did not have crinolines yet. The shape of her bodice is similar to this bodice here, where the woman has an even flatter skirt. Her hairstyle is straight from a Biedermeier painting.

The sister on the right is identified on the Mein Stuck Hamburg website as Margarethe Louise Amsinck. This is confusing, because in my opinion she looks exactly the same as Margot Amsinck on this photo here. It must be the same girl because she is wearing exactly the same dress and she has the same hairdo. So either Margot was a nickname or a second name for Margarethe Louise Amsinck, or one of the names is incorrect.

Via: Mein Stuck Hamburg

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