Countess Sofia Andreevna Bobrinskaya (née Shuvalova), 1849


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Countess Sophia Bobrinskaya (née Shuvalova) by Karl Pavlovich Bryullov, 1849

Sofia Andreevna Bobrinskaya, née Shuvalova (17 July 1829 – 9 September 1912). Daughter of Andrei Petrovich Shuvalov and Thekla Ignatievna Shuvalova/Thekla Ignat’evna Walentynowicz (1801-1873). Wife of Alexander Alexeievich Ct. Bobrinskiy. Mother of Alexei Alexandrovich Comte Bobrinskiy; Alexander BobrinskiyAndrei Alexandrovich Ct. Bobrinskiy; Георгий Александрович гр. Бобринский and Vladimir Bobrinsky. Sister of Peter Andreevich Gf. Shuvalov; Pavel Andreevich Shuvalov and Css Olga Andreevna Shuvalova. Half sister of Aleksandra Platonovna Zubova.

She married Aleksander Alekseevich Bobrinsky on 30 April 1850 (see my post here). They had five children:

  • Aleksej Aleksandrovich (1852-1927)
  • Vladimir Aleksandrovich (28 October 1853-30 November 1877)
  • Aleksandr Aleksandrovich (25 August 1855-10 November 1890)
  • Andrej Aleksandrovich (1859-1930)
  • Georgij Aleksandrovich (1863-1928)

These are her parents Thekla Shuvalova (aka Princess Thekla Zuboff), and her father Andrei Petrovich Shuvalov :



source: Hermitage Museum, Geni

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