Baby in Blue, ca. 1845

William Matthew Prior, Baby in Blue, American, 1806 - 1873, c. 1845, oil on paper on panel, Gift of Edgar William and Bernice Chrysler Garbisch

Baby in Blue by William Matthew Prior, ca. 1845

There is a Daguerreotype that features this exact painting. I wonder what the story behind it is. Was the woman the mother of the child? Was the child deceased, and this a way to remember it? But if so, why is she smiling? Maybe she is showing off the painting? The painting on the photo clearly shows how the image of this photograph is reversed! I have been trying to find a higher resolution of the photo but alas, this is the biggest I could find so far.


sixth plate Daguerreotype of Young Woman with William Matthew Prior’s “Baby in Blue” painting, ca. 1845

From the Collection of David A. Schorsch. Provenance: Julian Wolff collection. And on this link here you can find more lovely American folk art children painted by Prior.

Via: National Gallery of Art Washington, Canopy, American Antique Art, Luminous Lint, Antiques Magazine

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