sisters Julia (Jackson) Prinsep Stephen & Mary Louisa Fisher, 1857-8


sisters Mary Louisa Fisher & Julia Prinsep Stephen (both née Jackson)

by James Mudd/Joseph Cundall, 1857-8

This photograph shows an 11-year-old Julia (Jackson) Prinsep Stephen (on the right) with her sister Mary Louis Fisher (on the left). Julia Prinsep Stephen became the mother of author, Virginia Woolf. This photograph is part of the Signor 1857 photo album that Julia Margaret Cameron composed as inspiration, before endeavoring in the art of photography herself. It is hard to decipher the handwriting (Camerons) at the bottom of the photograph, but she writes, ‘Adeline and Julia.‘  Adeline was the first name of Julia’s daughter, Virginia Woolf, and is the name Julia Margaret Cameron writes for Mary Louisa Fisher.

source: Sotheby’s

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    There were three daughters: Adeline, Mary, and Julia.

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