Photographs from Julia Margaret Cameron Album ~ 1860s


Top left: Blessing and Blessed, (Mary Hillier and Freddy Gould), 1865

Top right: La Madonna Esaltata / Fervent in prayer (Mary Hiller and Percy Keown), 1865

Centre: La Madonna Aspettante / Yet a little while (Freddy Gould and Mary Hillier), 1864 – 65

Bottom left: The Beauty of Holiness (Freddy Gould), 1866

Bottom right: The Turtle Doves (Alice Keown and Elizabeth Keown), 1864

Cameron was presented with her first camera in 1863, at the age of 48, and subsequently embraced photography with a passion. She compiled this album in 1869 for her son, Hardinge Hay Cameron. It contains 112 miniature prints of her larger works – portraits of famous men, fair women, literary scenes and religious images. This acquisition was made possible through funding from The Heritage Lottery Fund and from The Art Fund, the UK’s leading independent art charity.

Via: Wiki Commons and National Media Museum

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