woman in a cage ~ ca. 1850s

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Unknown woman with a bird cage ~ ca. early 1850s

Sixth-plate Daguerreotype housed in a beautiful “Friendships Offering” mother of pearl case with clasp.

A very touching image of a beautiful woman who looks even more encaged than the birds. She emanates a kind of silent suffering. She sits immobilized by a stiff, chest flattening corset, with a high necked bodice which make her bare arms look even more bare. The scalloped sleeves are very neat. She wears several gold rings, large brooch and pendant earrings. Her hair is rolled inwards. I would date this photo somewhere in early 1850s, judging by the hair, the type of collar that you see often in that time period, the pendant earrings, the scalloped sleeves. It could also be late 1840s, but my guess is more towards early 1850s. I love the case, which is so elegant and romantic with the mother of pearl floral decoration.

Via: Antique Photographics

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